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Concrete Patio in Tyler TX

Are you considering getting a concrete patio? You’re at the right place! We understand there are a few things that you as a homeowner would consider when choosing a concrete contractor in Tyler TX. We have been serving Tyler Texas for over a decade and strive to offer every concrete service you might need!

As a homeowner, you’ll want to make sure that your concrete company offers high-quality service and competitive prices. Luckily for homeowners in the Tyler TX area we work hard at providing both! Our team specializes on repairing driveways with stamped surfaces as well offering expert installation of patios or walkways if needed – all without sacrificing excellent customer satisfaction rates.
We take pride when projects are completed successfully because each one reflects our commitment towards delivering outstanding results while protecting homeowners’ budgets too!

We are not your ordinary concrete company. We know how hard it is to trust someone to work on something on this scale, but we promise we will deliver the high quality patio you deserve! We provide concrete services suited to your needs. We have the materials and tools needed to provide quality concrete driveways, patios, and repair! 

Give Tyler TX Concrete a call today to get a free estimate! We’ll have an expert check out your property to give you the most accurate estimate. Then, we will explain the process of the installation so that you are never left in the dark.


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Concrete Staining and Polished Concrete Tyler TX

Tyler TX Concrete specializes in all types of concrete services. Our trained professionals know how important it is to keep your concrete patio looking new, so they’re equipped with the right tools for maintenance! Through simple concrete processes we take staining acid and polishing materials that give any old or dirty surface an instant makeover into something sleekly elegant – just like polished marble floors themselves would be if only smoother (and safer)! We also have many different shades available. Call us today to ask about pricing first before starting work.

We are a concrete contractor that provides a variety of jobs and serve many different locations, especially the Smith County area. If you want a new look for your dull and aging concrete, then concrete staining is perfect for you! We stain concrete for driveways, patios, walkway areas, and any kind of decorative concrete. Our concrete staining acid and sealer is perfect for small or large areas that are in need of a touch up.

Concrete Resurfacing Tyler TX

Give your concrete driveway floors a whole new look! We use the proper tools for grinding and cleaning to create an even surface. Then, we apply our special coating which provides protection against wear while still giving you that nice glossy finish. With its smooth finish and elegant design, you’ll be proud to show off your beautiful floor. This one simple solution is great for both residential and commercial needs. Give us a call at Tyler TX Concrete and we’ll make sure your concrete surface looks good as new!

Concrete Patio Contractor Tyler TX

Concrete patios and walkways make the perfect choice for a long lasting, durable common space. The best part? You don’t have to worry about repairs or maintenance because they’re made with natural materials that won’t disappear anytime soon! Imagine your patio looking like an aesthetically pleasing haven where people can enjoy nature at its finest. These patios serve as great additions to your backyard and will sure make a conversation piece for your guests. 

Paving a concrete patio is no small task. It can be chaotic and labor-intensive, not only for the person doing it but also any other people in your household who are using that space as well! However if you work with professionals like us then we will make sure protection considerations take center stage so nothing goes wrong during construction or afterwards when maintaining this new surface. No need to look for other concrete companies in Tyler Texas because we have everything you need. This process can be a hassle for the average person, but with Tyler TX Concrete, you now have a team of professionals specialized in concrete so you can be stress free. 

The concrete patio is a great upgrade for your home! Concrete can come in many different shapes and sizes, but it’s always nice when they have some personality. We’ll help you find something that fits both function needs as well aesthetically pleasing features so this space will be perfect year-round – even during those warm summer months where worn out lawns are common place due to heavy use by pets or family members alike who enjoy spending time outdoors enjoying what nature offers us all together. We will create a great social place for you to hang out with your friends and family. Just imagine socializing and having iced drinks during the hot Texas summers with the people closest to you. 

If you already have concrete work done at your home, but you want to spice it up and make it look more vibrant, we provide concrete staining as well. This is a great option as it creates a fresh look for your driveway or patio but at a fraction of the cost. Our acid-based stains last long and are durable in any weather conditions. It’s important to choose a good quality stain so that the color doesn’t fade after a few months. Concrete staining is a fast and effective way to give a fresh look to your driveway or other  concrete surfaces. 

Tyler Texas Concrete can tackle any concrete job, big or small. We work hard to provide you with quality installations and repairs at competitive prices – no matter what the task may be! If it’s pourable surfaces such as concrete driveways that need attention, grinding down cracks & defects on polished residential garage decks, or even just spot staining where necessary. So give us a call today at 903-483-3705 so we’ll know how best suit your needs.


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